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Buy Sunifiram Powder Nootropics Raw Powder

Buy Sunifiram Powder Nootropics Raw Powder
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Sunifiram Powder Nootropics Raw Powder

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Sunifiram or DM-235 is synthesized from Piracetam. Sunifiram is closely associated with Racetam class of nootropic agents, but it does not belong to this class. This is because the pyrrolidine backbone from which it is derived is broken in the case of Sunifiram (i.e. the pyrrolidine backbone in Sunifiram is left open after the piperazine structure is attached to it). Sunifiram, therefore, belongs to AMPAkine class of nootropic agents because almost all of its actions are performed through the AMPA receptor. Its effectiveness is as a result of its stimulation of the binding of glycine receptor in relation to NMDA. Sunifiram being a piperazine alkaloid (forms a hexagon with 2 nitrogen groups) and it possesses a chemical structure that is closely linked to those of Unifiram and Sapufiram. Sunifiram is scientifically referred to as 1-benzoyl-4-propanoylpiperazine. Compared to Piracetam, Sunifiram is significantly more potent by 1000 times. Its potency is comparable to that of Noopept. Sulfiram is thought to be very effective in enhancing memory function, alertness, attention span and decision making. Its ability to enhance cognition is highly linked to its ability to enhance long-term potentiation via the stimulation of AMPA and NMDA receptors


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