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China 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery

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Item Description

Er14250h Lithium Battery
Specification for Er14250h Lithium Battery
Nominal voltage:                 3.6V
Nominal capacity:                  750mAh(1mA / 2.0V)
Discharge end-voltage:               2.0V
Max constant discharge current:              5mA
Max. pulse current:                30mA
Ambient temperature range:         -55℃~ +85℃
Storage life:                      ≥10 year, Yearly self-discharge ≤ 1%
Appearance:                Cylinder Shape
Max dimension :           φ10.2×45.0mm
Max weight:               8
Detail data
ItemMeasuring ProcedureStandard
AppearanceVisual checkClean, unscratched and clearly labeled
DimenaionsMeasured by calipers with precision of 0.02mmMax.φ10.2×45.0mm
WeightWeighed by balance with precision of 0.1gMax 8g
Open-circuit voltageMeasure by volt-meter with precision of 0.01V≥3.65V
Operating voltageMeasure by volt-meter with precision of 0.01V, connecting an impedance of 1200Ω in series, Reaching the target voltage in 5 seconds.≥3.30V
Self dischargeStore the batteries at constant temperature of  20±5℃, Measure the nominal capacity yearly for 10 years.≤1%
Caution for Er14250h Lithium Battery
Fire,explosion and severe burn hazard.
Do not recharge,crush,disassemble heat above100℃,
Incinerate, or expose contents to water .
Do not solder directly to the cell

China 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery


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