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Do you need one micro motor handpiece

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The electric micro motor dental unit can polish or cut. The micro motor handpiece is driven by an electric motor in the handle. The polishing cup, or bur, can variably rotate from 0 to 30,000 rpm and go forward or reverse. It provides a very high torque. The handpiece can take a prophy angle, with polishing cups, or a contra-angle, with various attachments, including RA burs and polishing cups. Only a few units have a water-cooling facility. In their simplest form, these units have an air compressor and three yokes, providing a high-speed micro motor handpiece, a slow speed handpiece and an air/water syringe. They can be bought as mobile units, on castors, or as a wall mounted control panel, with a compressor located elsewhere. Air driven high-speed dental units are driven by an air compressor. The entry-level models all have three micro motor handpieces. They all provide a water reservoir. Some will provide a spare airline yoke for a second slow-speed hand-piece or a sonic scaler.

The high-speed hand piece is capable of up to 400,000 rpm. It takes friction grip burs (FG) and has a water cooling facility for the bur. The water flow supplied to the hand piece can be varied or switched off completely. The handpiece provides low torque, which causes the bur to stall if pressed too hard onto the tooth (over 1-2 ounces of pressure). It is used for the drilling of access points into teeth, for high speed sectioning of teeth during extraction and cutting or re-modelling of bone. The handpiece needs regular lubrication during the session and can be autoclaved. However, the slow speed handpiece has an air-driven motor in the base. It is capable of forward and reverse movement and speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. The control on the collar controls the speed and direction of the bur. The slow speed handpiece has a very high torque. It is difficult to stall and can overheat the pulp if used for more than a few seconds on one tooth. It is very versatile and can accept long HP burs in the nose cone, polishing cups in a prophy angle and, with the contra-angle, right angle (RA) burs or any other type of latch tool. Other latch tools include polishing cups, sanding discs, root canal paste fillers and diamond discuss.


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