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Dog Care Mibolerone Powder

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Dog Care Mibolerone Powder

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Keywords:Mibolerone Powder,bioraws
Storage temp.:2-8°C
Assay:≥98% (HPLC)
Character:white to beige powder

Mibolerone Description:
It is used to suppress ovulation of female dogs in heat,Mibolerone is one of the most harsh steroids in existence.
It is approximately 5.9 times as anabolic,and 2.5 times as androgenic as Testosterone.
Mibolerone provide a short adrenaline-like aggression rush in athletes when used immediately prior to a sporting event. Due to its high androgenic properties, it is often the cause of progesterone related gynecomastia.
Steroid Action:Due to the short half-life of Mibolerone,it is most commonly used by athletes about 30-40 minutes before their sporting event. Cheque drops are placed under the athletes tongue, and effects including aggression, strength and adrenaline rush are felt rapidly. The drug leaves the body with in approximately four hours.

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