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Superdrol Powder Grow Muscles

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Methyldrostanolone Superdrol Powder Grow Muscles

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Molecular formula:C21H34O2
Appearance:white crystalline powder
Assay:99% min

Methyldrostanolone Superdrol Benefits:
Prohormones are used mainly by athletes to increase size,strength,endurance, reduce recovery time or add lean body mass.
They are most often used for increasing muscle mass or reducing body fat levels.
Life extension groups are also increasingly using prohormones as a means of hormone replacement therapy, as an alternative to prescription drug use. Additionally there is a movement to use prohormones of androgens to help offset the damaging effects of environmental estrogens on the body. Chemical endocrine disruptor agents like bisphenol A are becoming recognized as having the ability to skew the androgen to estrogen ratio.This skewed ratio can have many adverse effects on men, including ****** performance, impotence and other testosterone dependent body functions.
Prohormones have the same side effects as anabolic steroids, and are dependent upon the user as to which side effects one might experience. Some side effects are acne, hair loss, ****** tissue enlargement, and prostate swelling however these are specific to each type of prohormone and reports of side effects are usually minimal.

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