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Prof Abdul is a renowned and trusted lottery spell caster in the US. Many former and current clients of Prof Abdul’s have written revving reviews about his lottery spells. Prof Abdul’s spells have basically been described as a ‘smile from the gods’.

When you consult Prof Abdul for a winning lottery spell, he takes time to understand your background and current circumstances. From there, he expertly chooses the best lottery spell for you that guarantees at least one winning ticket.

It’s worth pointing out that buying one lottery ticket in a lifetime is not likely to guarantee a win. You need to purchase a series of tickets while seeking Prof Mondo’s lottery spells. Eventually you are guaranteed at least one winning ticket from those you purchase.

Prof Abdul’s lottery spells work for anyone regardless of your background or where you live in the US. Most times it is better to seek Prof Abdul’s lottery spell prior to purchasing lottery tickets.  After you’ve cast the spell, Prof Abdul’s good luck spirit will guide you and give you the intuition to choose the lucky lottery numbers.

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  • mayesa asks:
    10 April 2018 - 9:46 am

    One piece of red velvet One red ribbon Red cotton and a needle
    One small heart cut from cloth Seven pins A clove
    Dried orange rind Dried rose petals Cinnamon A small rose quartz
    Create this powerful little charm on a Friday, the day devoted to Aphrodite.
    Ask for her blessings for this charm.
    After dedicating it’s working to her, and for the good of all, take your cloth heart and visualize it is
    the heart of your soul mate. Then take each pin and pierce the heart, invoking
    Aphrodite and the good of all each time. When you have finished this, place the heart
    and the pins at the center of the red velvet cloth. Then cover the heart with the remainder
    of the ingredients, leaving the rose quartz until last. When you have completed the task,
    gather up the ends of the fabric and twist and sew it into a little pouch. Finally secure the
    opening with the red needle and thread, then tie the pouch firmly with the red ribbon.
    Hang the magical pouch over your bed, or under your bed if discretion is important.
    Do not place this pouch under your pillow as you may get pricked by the pins.
    When you smell the delicious aromas wafting from the pouch, remember that Aphrodite is
    helping you to conquer your longing and to bring you and your perfect partner together.
    If you wish to sleep with your pouch, you can make another excluding the red heart and needles.
    But be sure to make at least one with those ingredients-the action of piercing the heart works
    powerfully in a symbolic sense and should not be ignored.
    contact +27638197522

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